The Market

The potential market base AD screening tests is worldwide, driven not only by AD pat­ients, but also by the tens of millions of aging baby boomers who are quickly approaching the cri­tical age of 65 years, and those in their 50s who are at high risk for AD. AD patients number some 5.3 million in the US alone, incurring >$180 billion per year in direct health care costs (or ~$200 bil­lion when unpaid caregivers'

hours are included in the total). This patient load, barring a med­ical breakthrough, is expected to more than double by 2050 because of the aging population. By then, the resulting medical and nursing home bills are projected to cost $1 trillion annually. In general, approximately 15% of MCI cases develop into bona fide AD each year. The ADAR group consists of the general elderly population over 45 years of age, many of them suffering from hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and/or early life traumatic injury, all known to be linked to later dementia.