The Products

AGT is developing screening tests are microRNA-based blood tests.  AGT has identified certain key cir­cu­la­t­ing microRNAs as biomarkers for AD staging, differentiating individuals currently suffer­ing AD into three different stages: mild, moderate and severe, disting­uished from MCI victims and the ADAR group. Separation of these stages by cognitive tests such as mini-mental status

evaluation (MMSE) has been quantitatively validated by increased le­vels of key microRNAs in the plasma.  AGT has proven methods to stabilize these microRNA species in plasma at room temper­a­ture for 72 hours, sufficient time for sample shipment from Point-of-Care facilities to AGT for ana­lysis. Through a contract with Jewish General Hospi­tal (JGH), in Montréal, Québec, AGT has col­lected blood samples from close to 200 AD patients and 200 normal elderly controls, forming a strong bioreposi­tory for the AD diagnostic. AGT is generating similar biorepositories for the MCI and ADAR groups with the JGH Memory Clinic and the JGH Alzheimer Risk Assess­ment Clinic, through a separate contract.